What is Government Law?

Government law covers a very expansive portion of the legal world. There are two different types of government law: U.S. Federal Government Law, which covers government interactions on a national scale and is generally made up of federal administrative and United States constitutional law; and State and Local Government Law, which targets how the government operates on the local level with state/city agencies, businesses and citizens.

Mathewson Law P.C. can help you with the following aspects of government law:

  • Sunshine laws for public access to government records and processes
  • Municipal planning for land use and zoning law
  • Licensing law
  • Regulatory law
  • Property taxes, assessments, and user fees
  • Eminent domain law
  • HRA’s and other housing agencies for development, redevelopment and affordable housing issues
  • Tax abatements and other forms of public finance
  • Government contracts
  • And much more!

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