What is business law?

Business law is the creation of new businesses and assists with issues that will happen as your businesses interacts with the public, other companies, and the government. At Mathewson Law P.C., we will help you with:

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  • Choosing business entity that works best for you
  • Planning for the future
  • How a business partner affects you
  • Tax law
  • How your company is managed
  • Real estate
  • Sales
  • Employment law
  • and more.

Hiring Mathewson Law P.C. to begin your process of creating your new business is ideal to avoid any future litigation. As a new company you will need to comply with the law before you can even open your doors. Our first step is choosing your business entity to be able to shield you from additional liability. After that, we will clearly define the different steps and work together to ensure your company is set up for success.

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