What To Tell Your Future Executor Part 2


If you read the previous article, you will note that this is a follow up post on important things to tell the Executor of your future estate. Listed below are two more things that you might not think of that could be important for them to know.

Something that could be important for your Executor to know are your passwords. Pretty much everything requires a password. Your computer, your phone, all of your online accounts such as email and those you might use to pay bills online. Keeping a list with your important documents would help your Executor know how to access important accounts so that they are able to handle them for you and pay your bills.

You can also tell the Executor of your future estate what personal items you would like people to have. You can provide them with a listing, if this listing is not already laid out in your Last Will and Testament. This might be important to you so that those close to you can have something that was special to you.

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