What To Tell Your Executor Part 1

When you choose an Executor (also known as a Personal Representative) for your future Estate matters, you might wonder exactly what you need to tell them. The purpose of this article is to help you understand what you might want to explain to the person that will be handling matter for you once you pass away.

One of the most important things to tell your Executor is where your original Last Will and Testament is located. If you have a special place in your house for all of your important documents, it would be helpful for them to know this information. If it happens to be in a safe or lockbox, also make sure you tell them where the combination, password or key might be as well. If the original Will is filed with an attorney, provide them with the attorney’s contact information. It is best not to have this document in a safe deposit box, as those are difficult to access after your death.

Another thing that will helpful for your Executor to know is who they need to contact upon your passing. This could include your employer, you doctors, even clubs you might be a part of. Having this contact information written out for your Executor can be make things a lot easier for your Executor as they begin to handle your affairs after death.

For more important things to tell your Executor, please watch for the next upcoming post.

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