Tax Sales

Each year real estate is sold by the County Auditor at Tax Sales for unpaid property taxes. Tax Sale Certificates are sold for the properties to the highest bidder. The owners of the property, and those that have a substantial interest in the property, have the ability to redeem (buy back) the property prior to the deadline set forth by law.

Buyers must send out Notice of Tax Sale notifying the owners and those with a substantial interest of the right to redeem the property, the amount to be paid, and the deadline of when this must be done. Later, Notice of Petition to Issue Tax deed will then be sent when a Petition is filed with the Court to issue said Tax Deed.

It is very important to remember that a Tax Deed for a property sold in a Tax Sale will never be issued if the deadlines are not met and if the proper notices are not given to those with an interest in the property. Buyers must submit proof to the Court that proper Notices were given. Failure to give Notices to the interested parties will result in buyers not being able to get a return of purchase price or any portion of the purchase price of the Tax Sale Certificate.

If you are interested to learn more about purchasing properties in Tax Sale, or need help taking the next steps after purchasing a Tax Sale Certificate, please reach out to our office as we can assist with this

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